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The NMI System

Analyze non-metallic inclusions in conformity with standards

NMI System Guarantees Automated Quality in the Steel Industry

Non-metallic inclusions (such as sulfur) and their distribution have a considerable effect on the properties of steel. Based on how you analyze structures and identify inclusions, you will derive important knowledge for meeting special requirements and safeguarding consistent quality in the steel industry.

Carl Zeiss has teamed up with experts from the steel industry to develop fully automated image analysis: NMI microscope system. Now you will always get results that can be precisely reproduced in accordance with the current standards: EN 10247, DIN 50602, ASTM E45, ISO 4967 and JIS G0555.

The new EN 10247 standard lays down requirements according to which you can record the purity of steel automatically. The pan-European Directive for the steel industry requires precise measurements. The NMI system simultaneously measures in accordance with the standards DIN 50602, EN 10247, ASTM E45, ISO 4967 and JIS G0555 – that means you have the benefit of being able to compare your findings, especially during the DIN 50602 to EN 10247 transitional phase.

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NMI System Grows into a Comprehensive Analysis Platform in Sync with Your Tasks

  • Analyze in accordance with EN 10247, DIN 50602, ASTM E45, ISO 4967 and JIS G0555.
  • Your fully motorized NMI system enables reproducible system settings for the steel industry at any time.
  • This solution does everything automatically – from the start of recording through to analysis.
  • Analyze large mosaic images in a single step.
  • The NMI system analyzes cross-field inclusions within their total area.
  • Enjoy intuitive ease of operation with the touch screen.
  • Your NMI system is intelligently integrated into the AxioVision software platform.
  • Save the recording, analysis and report of an examination together in one archive.
  • Create reports using the integrated report generator.
  • Perform elemental analyses of non-metallic inclusions directly using the optional ‘Shuttle & Find’ interface – without a time-consuming object search on the electron microscope.
  • Your NMI system is future-proof for the steel industry – it can be upgraded to an analysis platform for more than 30 tasks.


NMI System Automatically Generates Reproducible Results

With its structured workflow for the steel industry, NMI system lets you measure the purity of steel in one single operation and produce meaningful results in both image and tabular form.

From the time you start recording till you finish analyzing, NMI system automatically does everything the steel industry requires. You can perform several jobs in one operation and produce meaningful reports. Analyze large mosaic images in a single step. Cross-field inclusions are no longer cut off at the edge of the image – instead, their full area is recorded and analyzed.

Now, working in the steel industry, you can export your project templates and reproduce analyses of the degree of purity on other NMI systems too. Save the recording, analysis and report of your examination in one common archive – nothing will be lost.

As requirements within the steel industry grow, NMI will grow with them – your system is equipped with all the relevant contrasting techniques and can easily be extended with software modules such as grain size determination, a measurement assistant for routine measurements and hardware components.The positions of the recorded inclusions are saved in case analysis is required in the electron microscope.

Steel Standards

NMI System Lets You Work in Accordance with All Prevailing Steel Industry Standards at the Same Time

New standards, new procedures, new challenges – EN 10247 standard defines a wide variety of requirements for the steel industry. To determine the purity of steel, you need one thing above all else: absolutely precise measurement results.

NMI system allows you to analyze your samples simultaneously and fully automatically in accordance with prevailing industry and steel standards.

  • EN 10247
  • DIN 50602
  • ASTM E45
  • ISO 4967
  • JIS G0555

After you have measured your samples, NMI system shows you the largest inclusions in a convenient gallery view together with all the measurement and classification data. In addition, you can analyze inclusions in accordance with the guidelines of various steel standards and compare the results in one common display. From the perspective of different standards, you will discover new applications for your product more quickly.