Chart Projector Diagnostic

Led Contrast Sensitivity


Model : ACP-E30X-CS

  • Adjustable Brightness  and Clear images
  • Faster and Silent Operation
  • Remote Operated, One button is used to enter into the contrast mode.
  • Decimal notation
  • Large choice of opto type for different diagnostic needs
  • Different masking [ single, vertical & horizontal ]

Technical Specifications

Appasamy new Contrast Sensitivity Automated Chart Projector combines all of the sophistication and efficiency of our previous model ACP-E30X including the new Contrast Sensitivity feature.

With the clinically advanced standards and the Log Mar System of Visual assessment gaining worldwide acceptance, we recognized the importance of including the Contrast Sensitivity feature on the new ACP-E30X-CS. Because of its unique structure and layout, the chart maintains a consistent “degree of difficulty” as the patient reads down the chart, resulting in a more accurate evaluation and measurement of visual acuities.


  • 12 charts for special testing including Phobia test, Minute Stereo test to verify subjective refinement, Coincidence test, Worth for dot test, Fixation spot test, Astigmatic dial, Cross cylinder test, Binocular balance refractive test, Schober, Phobia with fixation and Snellen letters with red/green filter.   
  • 3 children’s charts.
  • 5 number charts.
  • 5 illiterate charts. 
  • 6 letter chart’s
  • Mask buttons permit you to isolate individual lines both horizontally and vertically, can be used on any appropriate  chart.
  • The program buttons are used for programming the ACP-E30X-CS and for using it in a programmed sequence. Programming the instrument is similar to setting a digital watch. As you select each chart you want to use, press the button for that chart and then press the Program button.  
  • Two buttons allow you to move up and down the Snellen chart range a line at a time with a horizontal mask. This same two buttons can be used to increase and decrease the contrast.
  • Two buttons allow you to move right and left the Snellen chart range a line at a time with a vertical mask.   
  • One button is used to enter into the contrast mode.

Technical Specifications

Projection distance Min – 2m
Max – 6m
Projection magnification 30X  (in 5m refraction)
Projection size 330mmX225mmX252mm
Number of test charts 31 standard test charts
Masks Red/Green, polarization,
Single horizontal lines,
Single Vertical, single Letters and
Single numbers.
Mask change- over 1 frame/0.02 sec.
Chart change-over 1 frame/0.03sec.
Tilt range of projector ±15°
Automatic switch-OFF After 5 min. without Operation
Projection lamp 3.2V LED LAMP
Program step Max. 30 steps available
Main Body 350 X 210 X 265mm
Remote 225 X 65 X 25
Net Weight Main Body: 7 Kg
  Remote    : 160 gm
Power Requirements 
Line Voltage 100-230V AC
Line frequency 50 Hz
Line fuse 4A /slow blow/ 230V
Ground Wire Inst. to be connected only to proper outlets with correct ground wire.
Power Consumption 50 W
Contrast variation 10 Diff .Variation with 3Digit LED Display