Surgical Vitrectomy

Posterior Vitrectomy



  • 10.4” clear view LCD with touch screen
  • Anterior & Posterior Vitrectomy with maximum 5040cuts/min
  • Dual independent LED illumination
  • Pneumatic drive for viscous fluid injection with fixed controlled pressure
  • Vacuum controlled viscous fluid extraction

Technical Specifications


  • Traction free and controlled Vitrectomy surgery by higher cut rate optimized system for MIVS and MICS linear and non-linear Vitrectomy.
  • Flexible customization of settings to suit individual needs consistent bright powerful led light through 20g, 23g & 25g(optional) endo probes.
  • Effective silicone oil injection and extraction mode ready for Phaco and fragmentome surgeries.
  • Function parameters enable on surgical video through video overlay function multifunctional footswitch with dual linear control.


User profile5 Users with 11 program modes.
Display10.4″ soft touch LCD display.
Cutter typepneumatic guillotine cutter-20g, 23g/25g(optional).
Cutratesingle cut,repetitive cuts from 60 to 5040 cuts/min. 
Aspiration Type venturi 
Vacuum Range5-600 mm Hg 
Irrigationgravity fed,motorized control and manual iv pole. 
 Power7 watts 
 Diathermy Probe typeEndo & Exo probe 
Illumination Source
Lamptwo independent LED 
Intensity Range10-100% variable 
Hand piece40 KHz frequency,slim and light weight. 
U/s modecontinuous, pulse, micro pulse, burst, om pulse. 
Fragmentome modecontinuous,pulse & micropulse. 
Micro pulsevariable from 5-50 micro pulse/sec with user programmeable duty cycle(from 2 ms to 10 ms on time). 
Air injector
Pressure sourceinternal medical graded air pump.
Pressure range10-100 mm Hg.
Silicone oil injection pressure 80 psi. (LIN/NLIN)
Silicone oil extraction vacuum600 mm Hg (LIN/NLIN)
Electrical Specification
Power Supply110/230 V AC 60/50 Hz,6A(max)
Power Consumption 150 W 
Other Specifications
Pressure Sourceexternal pressurized air/gas 
Mobile trolley mobile trolley with motorized & manual IV pole 
Dimensions(L * B * H) 395 X 395 X 196 in mm  
Weight net 12 kg and gross 30 kg