Diagnostic Keratometer

Keratometer KMS 6


Model : KMS 6

  • Instrument in focus to coincide the mires.
  • It is to be tilted at correct cylinder axis
  • K 1 Instrument in focus and horizontal meridian is coincided by rotating horizontal knob
  • K 2 Instrument in focus vertical meridian is coincided by rotating vertical knob

Technical Specifications

  • Coincidence focusing system with positive measurement 
  • One position instrument and measures both meridians without changing the optical system
  • Two way adjustable chin and head rests
  • Positive fixation permits rapid measurement of central corneal thickness
  • Achromatic lenses
  • Simple vertical adjustable head to fit patient
  • Dual eye-level sighting system, facilitates horizontal alignment
  • Positive fixation, permits rapid measurement of central corneal area
Measurement Ranges
Corneal radius 6.4 – 9.4 mm in 0.05 mm step
Corneal power 52- 36 D diopter in 0.25 D step
Corneal astigmatism axis 00 – 1800
Electrical Specifications
Light source LED Bulp
Power supply ~110-230 V, 50-60 Hz
Physical Parameters
Dimension (L x B x H)19 x 7 x 16 inches
WeightApprox 7 Kg
Standard Accessories1.Dust cover(1), 2.Dummy cornea(1)