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FIB-SEM for High Throughput 3D

Discovering and Designing Advanced Materials With Ease

With ZEISS Crossbeam you benefit from a 3D nano-workstation

Combine imaging and analytical performance of a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) with the processing ability of a focused ion beam (FIB).

During milling, imaging or when performing 3D analytics, Crossbeam will speed up your FIB applications. Make the most of your 3D analytics with the new EDS module.

Decide on exploiting variable pressure capabilities with ZEISS Crossbeam 340. Or use Crossbeam 550 for your most demanding characterizations.

Enjoy more options with the large chamber now.

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Within ZEISS Crossbeam Family you have the choice between Crossbeam 340 or Crossbeam 550. Exploit the variable pressure capabilities of Crossbeam 340. Or use Crossbeam 550 for your most demanding characterizations and choose the chamber size, standard or large, that best suits your samples.  

 ZEISS Crossbeam 340ZEISS Crossbeam 550
SEMGemini I VP optics
Gemini II optics
Tandem decel option 
Chamber Size and Portsstandard with 18 portsstandard with 18 configurable ports or large with 22 configurable ports
Stage100 mm travel range in x/ystandard with 100 mm or large 153 mm travel range in x/y
Charge ControlFlood Gun
Local Charge Compensation
Variable Pressure
Flood Gun
Local Charge Compensation
Exemplified OptionsInlens Duo for sequential SE/EsB* imaging
VPSE detector
Inlens SE and Inlens EsB* for simultaneous imaging SE/EsB* imaging
large airlock for 8 inch wafers
configure three pneumatically driven accessories simultaneously on the large chamber, e.g. STEM, 4-Quadrant-Backscatter detetor, and local charge compensation
AdvantagesMaximum sample variety due to variable pressure mode, wide range of in situ experiments, sequential Inlens SE / EsB* imaging possible.High throughput in analytics and imaging, high resolution under all conditions, simultaneous Inlens SE and Inlens EsB* imaging.
  * SE secondary electron, EsB energy selective backscatter