Surgical Vitrectomy

Electrical Vitrectomy System ABLS


Model : 2001 V

Light weight, powerful vitreous cutter works with n2o or compressed air to provide powerful cutting action. In built vacuum sensor to sense the accurate vacuum during the operation. Independent cutting & suction possible with multi functional footswitch. Audible tone for aspiration. Unique positive shut off values for instant venting to atmosphere. Dual venting system with auto drain function.

Technical Specifications

Cutter20g pneumatic guillotine cutter
Cut ratesingle & repetitive cuts from 60 upto 2400 cuts/mins actuating medium.
pressurized air from integrated air compressor gas tank.
Irrigating pressureregulated by i/v pole height
Tubingreusable & autoclavable tubing
Vacuum level rangeanalog control (40cc/min max)
Electrical Specification
Power supply110/230 V AC
Power consumption60/50Hz

ABLS Features:

This add-on system to make the anterior Vitrectomy console into posterior system.

This ABLS console consists of following function,

  • Dual independent halogen bulb with fiber optic illuminator.
  • fluid air exchange with easy to read seven segment LED-display.
  • high frequency electronically controlled bipolar cautery.

Note: Available in Two Variants.

a. Electrical Vitrectomy 2001 V

b. Electrical Vitrectomy 2001 with ABLS