Cyro Surgical Unit Surgical

Cryo super


Model : AA-2

  • Completely non-electric,portable
  • N2o Gas
  • Foot controlled
  • Instant defrosting
  • Quick freezing and quick defrosting
  • Manual Probes cleaning

Technical Specifications

Completely non-electric, portableyes
Foot controlledyes
Instant defrostingyes
Quick freezing and quick defrostingyes
Probes cleaningmanually
Cryo Probes Technical Details
Probetip diameter
Cataract1.4 mm( 17 SWG)
Retinal3.3 mm( 10 SWG)
Glaucoma2.4 mm( 13 SWG)
Intravitreal1.1 mm ( 19 SWG)
Useful for cataract, retinal detachment, glaucoma and intravitreal surgery
Hammer headed / spatulated probe is available as optional
Net weight : 5 kg