Light Microscope Microscope

Axio Scope.A1


Axio Scope.A1 for Biology

Adapts to your tasks and budget.

Your modular microscope for research and advanced routine

Make use of exceptional flexibility for complex routine examinations. Examine tissue samples in pathology or evaluate cytological material. Use the wide range of interchangeable components to precisely adapt Axio Scope.A1 to your research environment.

Axio Scope.A1 is highly configurable with five different upper bodies; three lower bodies and two Vario columns. Whether used for simple or complex tasks in the routine laboratory and whether for transmitted light, reflected light or fluorescence, you invest only in the features you need.

Use Axio Scope.A1 for a broad range of applications: from anatomical study to intravital microscopy; transmitted light applications to multiple fluorescence labeling, from the thinnest tissue sections to a sample height of 380 mm.

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  • Use 23 stand variations to customize your Axio Scope.A1. With five upper bodies, three lower bodies and two Vario columns.
  • Use high-resolution DIC and PlasDIC; the inexpensive relief contrast for unstained specimens.
  • An integrated LED feature guarantees stable and color-neutral transmitted light. This further enables consistent color temperature which is ideal for digital imaging.
  • Offers a great deal of diversity of fluorescence illumination. Depending on your routine or research needs; LED, HBO or XBO illumination are at your disposal.
  • Integrated LED fluorescence illumination with four wavelengths allows for optimum stability and durability in routine applications.
  • The sample space of your Axio Scope.A1 is scalable for specimen thicknesses of 0 to 110 mm to best suit your needs.
  • The ergonomic stage drive can be moved along a 90 mm y-axis to be positioned where it is most comfortable for you.


Keep Every Option Open for Routine Tasks and Research

Whether you analyze unstained cells using intravital microscopy or observe histologically stained sections and bone sections, transmitted light techniques are the standard for cytology testing in routine laboratories.

Axio Scope.A1 enables you to master brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC) and Carl Zeiss’ economical alternative, PlasDIC.

The transmitted light beam path of your Axio Scope.A1 provides sharp image contrasts and standardized, comprehensive illumination for tasks connected with a routine examination.

Axio Scope.A1 is perfectly equipped for cytology testing with fluorescence. It provides excellent contrast and minimizes any scattered light; an advantage especially for low-light and low-contrast samples. Use LEDs or any standard light source for optimum fluorescence.